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We're delighted to announce plans are well underway for our 2014 season, which will feature lots of changes suggested by our loyal patrons - including a subscription package and a flex pass for folks who don't want to miss a single performance! We're also looking at changing our format from 'rep' to 'stock', which means we'll run a play for a period of time and then close it and open another one. Rather than change plays every day as we have in our previous seasons, with 'stock' we can control costs better and offer you a wider variety of productions. It's a win/win! 

As well as being the 100th anniversary of the Town of Bala, 2014 is the 80th anniversary of professional summer theatre in Canada. As our followers know, it started right here with the original Actors' Colony Theatre in 1934, in association with what is now the Bala Bay Inn.

Keep checking in for lots more news about our upcoming activities.