“Celebrating 80 years of professional summer theatre”            

Upcoming Shows and Events

Theatre Starts and Actors’ Colony Theatre 
Staged Readings at Bala United Church
AUGUST 16/17 2pm
 Swing Dance
  Saturday Aungust 16th 
  directed by Annette Procunier
Skin Deep
  Sunday Aungust 17th 
  directed by Rand Houghton

We regret to inform you that due to lack of financial resources, STAR TRICK – THE MUSICAL has been postponed to a later date.

Welcome to Actors’ Colony Theatre – our fourth season, and the 80th anniversary of our historic namesake!

For many who have lived and cottaged in Muskoka for generations, Actors’ Colony is a welcome return of Straw Hat Theatre, a traditional part of summer time in Muskoka. We are the inheritor of that tradition, that started in Bala in 1934 and was the first professional theatre company in Canada.

Live theatre is an important part of the fabric of a community; together with music, art, dance, great cooking and being with those you enjoy. Sharing some or all of this with family and friends is one of life’s true rewards. We offer the opportunity to enjoy good theatre…performances that present humor, pathos or just plain fun. And what can be more rewarding than starting this tradition with your own children or grandchildren while they’re here in cottage country?

There are a number of exciting new features this season that we’re sure you’ll enjoy. Returning to the roots of summer stock, we’re offering three main stage productions, one after the other. The pop-up Punch ‘n Judy shows are a special treat for families this season - keep your eyes peeled, you never know when or where the tent will appear and the performance will begin! And the Colony Cabarets on Sunday night are a great addition to our roster, offering musical talent mostly from Muskoka.