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Post Mount LED Spotlights vs LED Light Bars for Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Post Mount LED Spotlights vs LED Light Bars for Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Emergency vehicle operators are frequent users of LED spotlights. The units are applicable to illuminating far-flung targets during inspections, monitoring and everyday tasks. There are two main types of LED spotlights found on emergency vehicles: post-mount LED spotlights and LED light bars.

This article compares the two portable lighting options and highlights their applications in law enforcement, emergency services and industrial projects.

Post Mount LED Spotlights

Post-mount LED spotlights are compact luminaries, which are installed on the side of the vehicle – close to the side mirror (on the driver’s side). A long handle is accessible from within the cabin, allowing individuals to position the light at targets. Basic controls may also be fed through the post mount, depending on the model.

This type of LED spotlight is common in law enforcement vehicles and police cars. The portable light promotes safety during confrontations, as the operator does not need to exit the vehicle to use and position the luminary. Most post-mount LED spotlights are circular and may double as a signal light.

A major drawback with post-mount lights is installation, requiring an individual to drill holes into the vehicle (A-pillar). This makes such installations difficult to commit to, especially for rental fleets.

LED Light Bars

LED light bars are slim, rectangular units that can be designed to offer spot and/or flood beam illumination. This type of light is usually found in industrial operations, ranging from agricultural tractors to remote service trucks. The luminary mounts on the roof or at the front of the vehicle. Installation is less intrusive and can be seamless, when using magnetic mounting solutions or grill mounts.

Adjusting an LED light bar is usually done manually. Though it is possible to purchase a model with remote control features. This allows operators to position the light beam from the inside of the vehicle, if needed.